Pumpkin guts: icky. Wiping snot on Mom: fun

Andrew has definitely progressed since last Halloween, though he still didn’t want to touch the pumpkin innards. This year he was able to grasp the concept of walking around the neighborhood and getting candy, at least enough to bug us about having dinner starting at about 9am. He has been pretty rowdy this weekend, testing both of us to see if we’re really serious when we tell him not to bash the refrigerator with his toy hammer (we are). Still, he enjoyed his Bob the Builder costume quite a bit – he’s cute, don’t you think?

Blogs gone fallow

So, I’ve not really blogged in almost a month. I come back to find a fresh crop of blog spam, so I finally plugged in mt-blacklist. That means if you leave a comment it won’t be posted immediately – shouldn’t be much of a problem considering the low volume.

A plague of eagles

Another heartbreaker in South Bend today. We could barely watch – both emotionally and literally, as our TV has been acting up and decided to quit after the final BC touchdown but before Ohliger delivered the coup de grace. We get a two year hiatus, thankfully. I think I’d rather play USC twice this year.