L’hiver est arrivee

We received slightly more than the predicted three inches of snow last night, so after we finished shoveling we went out to Milton Academy’s Observatory Hill to enjoy it. Andrew could hardly wait to go play.

Later on I pulled out my cross-country skis for the first time in nearly ten years and hit the trails around Houghton’s Pond. By the time I got out the snow was pretty rotten, but I still had fun. I’ve never had good technique so the rolling terrain around the pond frequently challenged my balance, but it beat the heck out of another hour on the bike trainer.


Elmo da bomb!

Tonight, while reading his Elmo book, Andrew flipped straight past one of the pages, saying “That’s borin’!” I can hardly keep up.

RDP on SSH (doo dah, doo dah)

A colleague of mine recently showed me how to get Windows Remote Desktop working over an SSH tunnel. The instructions below assume that you have a target machine set up to accept remote desktop connections and a working SSH tunnel such as stunnel.

  1. On the client Windows XP machine, copy mstsc.exe and mstcax.dll from the WINDOWS\system32 directory to a new directory (like c:\rdp-ssh).
  2. Right-click the new copy of mstc.exe and chose Properties from the context menu. Click the Compatibility tab and check the Compatibility mode checkbox. Choose Windows 98/Windows Me from the Compatibility mode dropdown.
  3. Add port 3389 to your SSH tunnel, mapped to the remote desktop host on the destination side. (Re)start your SSH tunnel.
  4. Start c:\rdp-ssh\mstsc.exe and enter localhost as the hostname.

Windows requires the compatibility-mode change because the remote desktop client normally objects to connecting to localhost, thinking that there’s already a desktop session there.

God showed Eve to Adam, and asked him to choose a bride

This quote from a Time Europe column on the Russian presidential election applies equally well to my voting experience today. Of the 14 positions on the ballot, only the presidential election offered more than a single candidate. Here in Massachusetts, we can’t even complain about the evils of a two-party system. In fact, that would be a step up from the current situation.
This state does have open primaries, or at least if you’re registered independent you can select which primary ballot you wish to vote. However, that’s hardly real choice. In a state with a Republican governor and where it looks like Bush is going to poll about 40% of the vote, why can’t that party field more candidates in the state legislature and congressional contests?
Not that I’d vote for them necessarily, but I like to see incumbents earn it every once in a while.