Pavement 1, James 0

Last Thursday I had my yearly crash. This time around, nobody else was involved; just me, a damp corner, and a poor choice of line. I delayed my turn-in to miss a paint line near the curb and obviously tried to carve it a little too tightly. I went down to the inside and slide a little, earning a nice strawberry on my hip and a little road rash on both elbows. The guy behind me managed to avoid smacking into me, and I got off comparatively easy; no broken bones and no head injury.
Well, no visible head injury, anyway. Naturally enough I’ve lost a lot of my confidence in my corenering ability, which was one of the things I’d worked pretty hard to improve this year. Riding around this weekend I found myself braking more for even the most familiar corners. I know I’ll work my way back up, but it’s really disappointing to see such a hard-won skill evaporate so quickly.