PMC Update: You can’t be first…

I’m pleased to report that my PMC fundraising is underway; my bike-riding buddies Jamie and Ivy have both pledged to support my ride. And I’d like to thank them again for doing so – there are plenty of worthy ways to spend that hard-earned money, and I’m honored that they chose my ride. So you’ve lost your chance to be first, but you can be next. If you’d like to join them, you can do so via my PMC profile page.
For my part, training has been going pretty well. My spring racing campaign came to a soggy end in Sterling this weekend, unfortunately to no great result. Between this race and Turtle Pond a few weeks ago, I’ve learned to be wary of roads that are named after hills. From here on out, I’ll focus more on endurance but I must admit that I like the local training criteriums more than I expected. They’re short, intense and chaotic. No falling asleep on somebody’s wheel, I’m too busy dodging dropped water bottles and setting up for turns.
But I’ll need the endurance more than the intensity of a half-hour training race. I ride my bike a bunch, but I’ve never ridden 192 miles in two days as I will do come this August. Thanks for helping me make that happen.