Blog changes

For those of you reading via RSS (and I think that there’s at least one of you out there, in addition to the spiders), I’ve changed the layout over to three columns. The left sidebar now features my Google Reader shared items and my bookmarks. Both are also available via RSS: RSS
Google Reader shared items RSS
And if my calculations are correct, I should get an automatic blog entry in about an hour with the bookmarks I added to today.
If you’ve got similar setups, please let me know…I’m curious to see what my friends are reading.

Down Cape

Elise’s department had their annual retreat this weekend, at Wequasset Inn on Cape Cod. We went down as a family, and I got to spend a bunch of time with the kids (photographic evidence available in the gallery) while E was in session. In retrospect, this could have been a disastrous trip, but it went pretty well. The weather was typical New England spring: temps in the 50s, wind, and sullen skies threatening rain whenever they weren’t actually disgorging fat raindrops. Despite that we managed to spend a fair amount of time on the beach. We hooked up with my old boss and buddy PK on Saturday afternoon, got the kids some ice cream at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow and then hit Orleans beach at low tide. PK showed Andrew how to dig for clams while I kept Maggie from disappearing into the marshes.
We managed to make a few new friends with the other families on the retreat; in fact, Andrew developed a very five-year-old crush on one of the girls. He expressed his affection by variously beating her over the head with driftwood, punching her arms and the occasional pantomime “I’m cutting you in half!” Still, when I asked him to identify his favorite part of the weekend, he responded only with “Kaitlin!” I imagine he’s going to ask about her tomorrow, too.