Something in my veins, bloodier than blood

You probably aren’t following the news from the Floyd Landis arbitration hearing that started on Monday. In fact, I’ve been hard-pressed to find coverage outside of the bike-racing-focused media outlets. Maybe a little tidbit on Tuesday, when an incompetent French interpreter was dismissed after conflating the words for “day” and “hour.”
I have a feeling we’re gonna see more today, though. Yesterday, Greg LeMond took the stand and revealed that Floyd’s business manager Will Geoghegan had contacted him the night before. LeMond alleges that Geoghegan attempted to intimidate him, and Landis fired Geoghegan immediately after Geoghegan admitted to making the call. Note to self: don’t use personal cell phone with traceable number to intimidate witnesses.
Floyd’s hearing is the first open USADA arbitration; the 34 previous cases have all been heard in closed session. From his public statements, Landis apparently hoped an open hearing would shine a bright light on some questionable practices by USADA, WADA and the French lab responsible for analyzing his test samples. Looks like the flashlight’s on but pointed in another direction. This plain stupid behavior distracts from the relevant facts, not to mention making the defense look both stupid and evil.
But I bet the execs over at Court TV are kicking themselves for not picking up the broadcast rights.