Darth Andrew

Another Halloween in the books. A week ago, we went to the school Halloween party. Andrew had missed part of Wednesday and all of Thursday due to illness, but used his Friday off day and the weekend to recover enough to eat cookies and parade around the gym on Sunday. He wore the “legacy” costume – the complete Darth Vader getup that Mom sewed out of felt, velcro and nuke-proof, waffle-knit black polyester back in 1970-mumble. It fit him pretty well. We updated it with a modern Darth mask molded out of much thicker stock than the older fac-formed ones, plus the lightsaber, of course.
A’s recovery was only temporary, as he missed school on Monday due to a resurgence of his cold. And by that time, the rest of us were suffering along with him. But when Wednesday night rolled around, we hit the neighborhood up for all it was worth. I’d say we visited fewer than a dozen houses but the kids still filled their moochin’ sacks to max capacity. Andrew actually handed his off to me, complaining about the weight. Wow, kid, what a shame.
Plenty of pix over in the gallery, including the award-winning robot costume modeled by William.