links for 2009-05-28

Go Maggie, it’s your birthday…

Kid #2 has made it to age 4 with no fatalities in the household. It was a close-run thing, though. For the last week or so, wakeup went like this:
Me: Maggie, time to get up!
Maggie: Is today my birthday?
Me: No, Mags, it’s not for another few days.
Maggie (screaming): NO! BIRTHDAY NOW!
For Thursday’s in-school celebration we delivered exactly 31 devil’s food cupcakes, with pink strawberry icing and sprinkles, to her class. One of her friends reported that they were the “best cupcakes ever,” which made me feel better about the late night Elise and I put in to get them ready. The highlight of yesterday’s party was the 20′ high bouncy castle parked in the front yard, which the guests enjoyed before, during and after refreshments. Remarkably, the whole day remained vomit-free.
As per our custom around here, we have a few pictures over in the gallery.