Pan-Mass Challenge 2009: Please sponsor me

For the fourth consecutive year, I’m riding the Pan-Mass Challenge to raise money for cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute here in Boston. When the calendar rolls over to August, you’ll find me in Sturbridge, awaiting the start of the two-day, 192-mile ride to Provincetown. I’m looking forward to it. Many people tell me that they think the ride sounds like a lot of hard work…but they’re wrong. The ride is my reward. The fundraising feels like work.
But, you can help me with that! I have raised only about $1100 of my $7000 goal. The uncertainty we all feel about our financial situation has, I think, put new limits on charitable giving. I can certainly understand that, but it’s not going to stop me from trying. While many causes qualify as worthy, I can tell you with certainty that PMC makes good use of all donations. For the last couple of years, every cent raised by riders has been given to Dana-Farber. We riders and other corporate sponsors bear the cost of the ride and the organization that makes it happen, and we’re proud and happy to do so. My affiliation with the Pedals for Pediatrics team means that all money you donate will go to pediatric-oriented projects. We team members decide how to allocate donations, and you can bet we’re careful about it.
As usual, the easiest way to donate is via >my page on the PMC website. Thanks for your support!
I’ll leave you with a thank-you video produced by some of the people who benefited from your generosity in 2008. This is not a tear-jerker, and I think it’s worth 8 minutes and 43 seconds of your time. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support.

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