Babies are easy

“Newborns don’t need much,” one of Elise’s colleagues remarked to her today.
“Yeah, but they do need names and car seats and we haven’t done any work on either one yet,” she replied.
We’re in the final countdown for the oral boards. Elise flies on Monday and takes the test on Tuesday. Maybe after that we’ll get our act together for May.

9 thoughts on “Babies are easy

  1. Thank you.
    Gracie has decided that it’s boring to sleep through the night. It’s much more interesting to have a scream every 45 minutes. Then sleep all day.
    So here’s how I’d complete your sentence.
    “Newborns don’t need much… toothpaste.”

  2. Yeah, good luck Elise! I dunno about newborns but cats don’t need much, apparently other than some smoked salmon RIGHT NOW from time to time. And no toothpaste, thank you.

  3. Newborns don’t need much smoked salmon, either. Six-month-olds wolf down peaches like they’re going out of style.
    BTW John, your Windows admin trick worked. I never wrote back because my wrists have been hurting and I’ve stopped using email at home. Anyway, thanks 🙂

  4. Elise came back safely on Tuesday night and described the experience as “not a total disaster,” which I take as a positive sign. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Well maybe peaches ARE going out of style, and Grace just hasn’t seen fit to tell you yet.
    Anyway, glad the Windows thing worked!

  6. By the way, I apologize for the comment approval thing. If it’s any comfort, I have to approve my own comments!
    I’ve not put in the time to figure out how to get comment registration to work, but I’ll try to Real Soon Now.

  7. Congrats Elise! I’m sure it wasn’t a total disaster. 🙂 (Don’t know if she reads this or not…)
    No worries about the approval thing. Spam sux.

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