Calf Roping on the Bounty

Conversation overheard between Andrew and Elise a few days ago:
E: “Andrew, you learned a couple of new words today. What do we call how a snake moves?”
A: “Um….slither!”
E: “Right! And what do we call it when the sailors on a boat put the captain off on an island and do whatever they want to do?”
A: “Um…calf roping!”
Perhaps a bit of explanation is in order: We’ve recently likened changing Maggie’s diaper to calf roping, since she really doesn’t like to lay still on the changing table. So that’s probably where he got it. Still, I think Calf Roping on the Bounty has a certain ring to it…

2 thoughts on “Calf Roping on the Bounty

  1. Reminds me of when Kathleen was teaching Grace to say “I love you.”

    K: “I…”

    G: “I…”

    K: “Love…”

    G: “…Toes!”

  2. Quizmaster: “Name the title or composer of this piece.” [intro to Moonlight Sonata plays]

    Contestant: “Um… Beethoven?”

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