New Digs

If you’re reading this, then I finally got in touch with my domain registrar to change name servers over to my new hosting provider. After many years of hosting with a friend, circumstances forced me to customer up and move to a commercial service. So, welcome to the new digs. I’ve furnished it lavishly with 404s and a default template, which I’ll try to remedy shortly. Or not. Hey, Internet is wikkid haaaaahd.

Managing blog overload

This entry from Myke’s Weblog: Too Many Great Blogs: Information Overload (vectored by David St. Lawrence of Ripples) mentions an issue that has also crossed my mind: for a blog that posts content on many different topics, how can we allow a reader to subscribe to only the topics of interest? This is especially relevant to bloggers such as myself, who tend to intermingle family content with the occasional general-interest post.

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