links for 2010-10-16

  • From the page: The Mongoliad is a rip-roaring adventure tale set in 1241, a pivotal year in history, when Europe thought that the Mongol Horde was about to completely destroy their world; only a small band of warriors and mystics stand in the way of utter defeat and subjugation by the great Khan. On top of being an exciting story, The Mongoliad is also the beginning of an experiment in storytelling, technology, and community-driven creativity.
    The adventure begins with a serial novel of sorts, which will unfold over the course of a year or so. Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, and other great authors are writing the core of the story, but we're also working closely with artists, film-makers, game designers, and other folks to to bring the story to life in ways that can't be done in any single medium.
    Most importantly, we’re working with you, the growing Foreworld community, to bring to life the biggest, most exciting world of adventure you’ve ever helped create. Please join us!
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