Don’t Say She Lost

So runs the title of the blog entry over on announcing the death of Susan Nelson from metastatic breast cancer. Elden “Fatty” Nelson is Susan’s husband. They have four children. Though I never met Susan, Elden’s gut-wrenchingly honest depiction of her struggle against cancer brought me close enough to care quite a bit.
Elden and I have a tiny bit of history; way back in 2006, when Susan’s cancer was in remission and the Fat Cyclist blog was mostly about Elden’s two-wheeled adventures, he helped me reach my fundraising minimum for the Pan-Mass Challenge. That’s the generous, slightly impulsive guy he is. Since then he’s taken up his own cancer fundraising, and created the most successful team ever for the Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG rides. That’s the motivated, highly organized guy he is.
I realize people die from cancer every day. Heck, people die from all sorts of things every day. But cancer took Susan away from her family far before her time should have come. Thanks to Elden’s writing, we have a solid reminder of why it’s so important to do what we can to help others. Our individual efforts may not seem like much, but taken in whole, they can move the world.
Thank you Susan, and thank you Elden.