DVD Case Inserts: Deskjet’s Revenge

To my ever-increasing chagrin, I’m not done with the “Andrew 2004” DVD project. These were supposed to be Christmas gifts, and now it looks as though they aren’t going to make the Valentine’s Day shipping deadline. I’ve overcome – actually, given up on correcting – a couple of audio flaws in one of the movies. The discs are burnt and labeled. But once again, I’ve been undone by the case inserts.
Last year I had a terrible time trying to get the printed image to align properly on the form. This year I switched to new software, figuring that even if I didn’t fix the alignment problem I would at least get away from the bizarre UI of the original package. It took a call to customer support (at least this new package has it!) but I did figure out what’s going on with the alignment. Evidently whatever coordinate system the printer uses doesn’t originate exactly at a corner, so in switching from portrait to landscape I had to recalibrate the software. I did so, and got good results. Final step: print a bunch of copies, stuff them into the DVD cases and make a triumphant (if somewhat belated) trip to the PO to send them on their various ways. Easy like pie!
Of course, this would be the perfect time for my printer to run out of ink, which it did. With six copies left to print. Sorry folks, but it looks like I’m not going to finish this week.