Finally, some results

So I didn’t place in any races this year (so far), but I managed to win something yesterday. My biking and weight-losing bro Elden over at Fat Cyclist asked us to guess how many page views he’d get the day AFTER MSN pimped him on their “What’s Your Story” page (getting him 50,000+ visits), and I came the closest to the actual number of 4818. My good fortune nets me a very cool bracelet. Thanks, Elden and Mrs. Elden! I owe it all to my son, who caught a brief but nasty cold and kept me up websurfing Sunday night.
Just for comparison, good ol’ had 222 hits from 29 unique IPs yesterday, and one of those was me. You people need to Get The Word Out.

2 thoughts on “Finally, some results

  1. Wow, so how does it feel to be Lance Armstrong’s next door neighbor?
    Thanks again for the idea for today’s post — you more than earned that bracelet!

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