How to tell if you’re in Boulder

We spent the last few days on vacation in Colorado, visiting E’s brother and my sister. I knew we had made it to Boulder when I had the following exchange with the middle-aged couple sitting next to us in a restaurant. We had just finished lunch and Andrew was resisting a face-wiping with every fiber of his body.

Me: “Thanks, folks, the next show starts in an hour.”

Woman: “I was just telling my partner how much happier we’d all be if we were free to express our emotions like that.”

Honestly I would have been less surprised if she had started tossing cats at us…until I remembered where we were.

Andrew’s favorite part of the trip: the “food” at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver. The mall’s play area features oversized breakfast foods as play equipment, and whomever designed that stuff is an evil genius. We made three trips in four days. Perhaps the pictures will explain better than my words can.

Thanks to Uncle Brad, Aunt Sarah and Gammy and Pop Pop for hanging out with us!


4 thoughts on “How to tell if you’re in Boulder

  1. Welcome (belatedly) to the People’s Republic of Boulder! If I’d known you were going I would’ve recommended some restaurants & brew pubs etc. Anyway that certainly does sound like Boulder; I can hear the free-range granola crunching in the background.

    Anyway, hope you had a good time. I’ve been to Cherry Creek many a time myself, although for me the giant breakfast food pit was less an attraction than the shoe purchasing possibilities. But then you probably guessed that.

  2. The sad fact is, adults DO feel free to express emotions at a three-year-old level. You realize how common this is when you live with an actual three-year-old.

    We just got back from Bethany Beach, Delaware. In the sleepy local coffee shop, this New York yuppie had a total tantrum over the half-and-half being in little plastic cups instead of fresh. I could have been watching my son screaming that he wants to eat cereal out of the box.

    The evil genius of oversized breakfast includes Columbus as part of his world domination plan:

  3. Slightly flaky locals notwithstanding, Boulder was great. The weather was perfect, but I hear that it’s pretty much like that all the time. We had a good time wandering around Pearl Street; the street acts were more entertaining than what I see in downtown Boston. And I think Boulder has more bike shops per capita than any other city, so I thought I was in heaven.
    E’s brother did the hospitality thing for a few years so he hooked us up with restaurants, though there was a moment when I considered calling John for a lunch recommendation. We ate our one dinner at Proto’s Pizza on Broadway, which suited us just fine. Best dinner of the trip was at Sushi Den in Denver, and not only because E and I went by ourselves.

  4. Pearl St is definitely charming, although eventually you realize it’s the same 3 people doing the acts all the time. But that doesn’t detract from the charm much. Pearl St (and the surrounding area, including Walnut St etc) also has tons of caf

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