I’m boiling my drinking water, I have a race tomorrow, and Steve Garro just kicked my ass

Earlier today, a catastrophic break in a 10 foot water main caused the Mass Water Resources Authority to issue a boil-water order for Boston and several suburbs, including mine. In other news, there are freaking 10 FOOT WIDE water mains, and they can break. At least I’m going to learn a lot about the water distribution system in the next few days.
On an unrelated note, I’m racing the Blue Hills Classic tomorrow morning. This is my favorite road race of the year, primarily because it’s a 10-minute bike ride from my garage to the registration tent. We are the host club, and we have only four riders in a field that’s dominated by large teams from a couple of other local clubs. I still want a Blue Hills jersey at the top of the podium. I think we have the talent to do it, but we’re going to have to race the smartest race of our lives. And I’m going to have to race way over my head to pull it off.
Topic 3: I don’t know Steve Garro. He’s a custom bike builder from Arizona, and he posts on a bike forum I frequent. Oh, and some mishap or other put him permanently in a wheelchair a while back. Go have a dose of life ain’t fair. Thanks, Steve, for reminding me that every day on the bike is a gift.