Late Night with Andrew

Here’s a transcript of a midnight exchange between #1 son and myself from a couple of days ago.


ANDREW (from down the hall): AAAAAAAAAH!

(DAD wakes up and goes to ANDREW’s room)

D: Andrew, what’s wrong?

A: (Wailing) AAAAAAH!

D: Did you have a bad dream?

A: (Sobbing) I want my bagel!

D: Andrew, it’s the middle of the night! You can have a bagel for breakfast in a few hours.

A: WAAAAAAAAH! I’m still hungry!

This went on for about ten minutes until Andrew abruptly threw his head back down and resumed snoring. When I got back to bed, Elise told me that Andrew’s teacher threw away his partially-eaten lunch bagel, before he had a chance to finish it. Obviously this left its mark on his psyche.

In other news, Maggie – all 7 kilos of her, as of last week’s checkup – has started crawling. She’s now agile enough to get into whatever Andrew happens to be playing with, and has developed a particular taste for his Finding Nemo-themed Go Fish cards. Let the sibling rivalry begin!

One thought on “Late Night with Andrew

  1. Let’s see…

    • Andrew is getting more attached to his stuff, such that when somebody takes something away from him, he’s still in anguish a day later.
    • Maggie is learning to take Andrew’s stuff.

    I see a perfect storm on the horizon.

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