Pan-Mass Challenge 2007

Knowing my blog readers as I do, I’ve probably reached you by some other means at this point. My fund raising is not quite where it should be so far this year, so here’s another gentle reminder: next weekend, I’m again riding the Pan-Mass Challenge to raise money for cancer research and treatment at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. I need your help in the form of a donation.
I had hoped to do better than the $5000 I raised last year, but instead I’m struggling to meet my minimum commitment. This is nobody’s fault but my own; I’ve had plenty of distractions over the last few months. But I’d like to do especially well this year, in memory of Cian Crowley, the infant son of a friend. Cian was diagnosed with neuroblastoma just a couple of weeks after PMC 2006, and died in October.
Like any parent, I looked at Cian and all too easily saw my own kids. Cancer has touched my life before, but this recent experience drove home the importance of private fundraising in advancing the science of cancer treatment. I’m not a healer, and I’m not a researcher, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be part of the fight. The same goes for you. I hope you’ll join me.
You can donate online here, or contact me and I’ll give you instructions for donating by check. Any amount will help.