Snap, crackle, pop

It’s been a bad stretch for bones in my little corner of the universe. Two weekends ago, my buddy JP’s front wheel found the only pothole on the course and he wound up with a cracked clavicle and major road rash. I’d tell him to complain to the race promoter, but, well, he was the race promoter. Bad deal.
Sunday, Dougie J broke his ankle on an easy MTB ride, pulverizing a planned riding trip to Italy and some big races along with his fibula and talus (probably…ankle anatomy isn’t really my thing). And some people say MTBing is safer.
Speaking of Italy, CVV crashed out of the Giro yesterday, again. Italy is just bad news for the poor guy.
So what does this have to do with little ol’ me? My number’s going to come up. Falling off the bike is a natural consequence of getting on the bike. Seriously, if the PROs can’t avoid broken bones, how can I? I just hope it isn’t too bad when it happens. I have lots of reasons to live.