Soldier Ride 2005

I’m somewhat reluctant to admit that I had to find out about this from the Today Show this morning, since it pushes at least two of my buttons pretty hard, but I’m glad I did turn on the tube this morning. Soldier Ride is a charity ride created to support our brothers and sisters in arms who have been maimed in combat. Right now, a team of amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan are completing a cross-country ride. The Today spot was in Illinois. I got this from the journal on the website:

June 14, 2005 – After about 45 miles Lonny’s prosthetic leg started to irritate his stump. Rather than quit and ride in the RV, he took it off and rode the rest of the day on one leg. Enough said.

Indeed. I don’t expect you to donate to these guys simply because I did, but I do think it’s worth pointing out that there are still gaps in the support system for our troops. The VA and active-duty military medical systems are far better than they were during the Vietnam era but they are struggling to keep up with the stream of amputees who need months or years of rehab at Walter Reed or other specialized facilities, usually far removed from home. This imposes a tremendous financial and emotional burden on what is usually a young, struggling family. Soldier Ride and the Wounded Warrior Project stand in that gap.