Stunt fundraising, day 9: Crazy enough to work!

Sometime over the weekend, the total pledges + matches from Fat Cyclist readers (and the man himself) surpassed $1500. That means it’s jersey time! I taught myself enough Adobe Illustrator to be dangerous and came up with this. The order is in, so let’s hope Voler can deliver by the 3rd of August. And that also means I’m dangerously close to having my PMC plans fixed, as it were.
I’m amazed at the generosity of my fellow Fat Cyclist readers. Fourteen people I’ve never met, from eight states and two foreign countries, have donated to PMC. And they probably wouldn’t have even heard of PMC if I hadn’t asked. How’s that for the power of the Intarweb?
I’m still learning just how big a deal PMC is. Last night I saw a frickin’ TV show about it. Yeah, it’s just regional cable news channel NECN (whose studios, by the way, are on the course of one of the local training crits), but that’s still pretty cool. Looks like the clips from the show are available online, so you can see what I mean.