Yes, it’s been done, but as I sit here digesting my far-too-large dinner, I feel compelled to throw another Thanksgiving post on the pile.
I am most thankful that, when I first met Elise almost 20 years ago, I had the good sense to latch onto her. I am equally thankful that she continues to put up with me. Without her, so many things would not be as they are.
I am thankful for the two beautiful children we’ve produced. Especially now that they’re asleep.
I am thankful that my parents, though they turned out to be as human as the rest of us, still set an example for parenting that I strive daily to match.
I am thankful that, through a combination of good fortune and hard work, I have the liberty to sit on my own couch, in my own house, and blog about how thankful I am.
I hope today finds you in a thankful mood, too.