TypeKey registration should work now

I think I have the comment registration working now. You’ll need to register at www.typekey.com but once you do, this website will recognize you and allow you to post without having to go through moderation (if I so choose…)
The templates might be a bit cockeyed but everything should be readable, so that’s enough for now.

5 thoughts on “TypeKey registration should work now

  1. Now I should try to post something so offensive that you’ll have to think carefully about whether I should be allowed to post whatever I want.



  2. Funny how the comment admin UI has these “ban user” buttons in various places…
    Anyway, I think if you have a URL configured in your typekey profile it will insert that in the comment instead of your email. There’s probably a way to spam-proof the email but I had to go to bed before I figured that out…

  3. Tim-
    Evidently MT will “spam-proof” mailto hrefs by using entity codes instead of literal chars for some key values (such as ‘@’ and ‘.’). Lemme know if it works πŸ™‚
    Also, here’s the default MT handling of comment author links:

    if the author has entered a URL [either directly in the comment form or in the typekey profile — JLS], the author name is a link to that URL; if the author has entered an email address, but no URL, the author name is a link to the email address; if neither email address nor URL are entered, display the author name without a link.

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