Air Andrew

Yesterday we took the kids down to the Rhode Island National Guard Air Show [as of this writing, website appears busted]. Taking a five-year-old and two-year-old out to an event like that is always a dicey proposition, but they tolerated the long walks and exposure to the sun remarkably well. We arrived just as an F-15 and P-51 did formation passes. That put a silly grin on my face that lasted for the next couple hours through aerobatic demonstrations (Sean Tucker and Michael Hunter) C-23, A-10, C-130J and UH-60 flybys, and a Blue Angels show.
Oh, and Andrew liked it, too Andrew’s toy-of-the-moment is now a spring-loaded Blue Angels flyer, which we flew all over the back yard after returning home. He’s convinced that Blue Angel #6 is the fastest and loudest.