Car-free days

Well, the Battenkill race report never saw the light of day. We had a good day, and two teammates in the van made the road trip much more tolerable, but my performance wasn’t exactly remarkable. The hamstring cramps that struck me at the 2nd feed zone, on the other hand, forced all kinds of remarks through my clenched teeth.
Today was just another day. Up early to suffer through a bunch of 30-second blocks, then breakfast and a brief pedal over to the train station. I mixed things up by – at long last! – taking the T north of the river to pick up my Spooky Supertouch cross frame at Ace Wheelworks. Thanks, Mickey! I slung it over my shoulder for the ride home. Yeah, I like bikes so much, sometimes I wear ’em for jewelry.
I don’t get to log too many car-free days. Maybe one or two a week, most of the time. Today, with the sun shining and the trees budding, I was happy to sneak one in. I’m hoping to get a few more this summer when the kids just have to go down the hill instead of up to Milton.
Hey – go ride your bike. You’ll like it.