Is it plugged in?

So sometime after the 31st of March, I lost track of the AC power adapter for my video cam. Soon after that, I lost battery power. Around that same time I lost a lot of other stuff as we (OK, mostly E) rearranged the house and cleaned and re-cleaned in preparation for a painfully long set of open houses and showings. Eventually those paid off – we have a buyer! – and we did one last cleanup because we’d grown to love it so much. That, and we had to do an inspection. Soon after that, most of the stuff I’d lost started to reappear. Except, of course, for the power adapter.
Two eBay auctions and one disappeared delivery later, I had a new one. Then I had to set about finding some hard drive space, which I eventually found on Hey, at 10GB an hour, this miniDV stuff demands elbow room. About that time, I got distracted by a new monitor (and not to change the subject, but oh man is this thing sweet). So finally, tonight, I made some time to sit down and string a couple of clips together:

And if you’re the kinda person who might like to watch that video on, say, an appleTV box, try this (65MB download).
Anyway, I apologize for depriving the intertubes of my beautiful kids for so long. Expect it to happen again.