Now Showing: All-Singing, All-Bowling Andrew

A couple of cute clips from this weekend…Andrew has started singing. He’s pretty good with the ABCs song and a couple other standards, as you’ll see here (WMV, 6.3MB) or here (QuickTime, 8.1MB). On Sunday afternoon we went bowling (candlepin, of course) with some friends. This turned out to be far less disasterous than you might imagine, since the alley has bumpers they put up over the gutters for the pipsqueaks. Andrew enjoyed himself immensely, though his desire to throw the ball “himself” meant that we ended up with a few that lost steam about halfway down the alley. Here’s a clip of one of his more successful, mommy-assisted tosses: (WMV, 1.8MB) (QuickTime, 2.3 MB)