Andrew’s 5th

Whew. We’re on vacation in Las Vegas right now, and I’m finally decompressing from work and getting the house ready to sell. Not to change the subject, but if you’re looking for a lovely 3-bedroom colonial in Milton, we’ve got one for you. Buy it, please.
Before we left we threw a small birthday party for Andrew. “Small” turned out to be eight kids aged five years or less, plus six adults, which made the house feel plenty full. I have a few not-particularly-birthday-ey pictures up in the gallery, and here’s the key moment from the party:

That’s a hammerhead shark cake, by the way. Andrew wanted a “haunted shark” – he’s not really into being scared, but we’ve been reading some Scooby-Doo stories featuring ghost-and-zombie-type bad guys. So we got some Scooby-Doo napkins and left it at that. He also wanted the shark to be eating an acorn, and I gotta admit I have no idea where that one came from (unless we misunderstood and he actually wanted a squirrel shark. We managed to talk him out of that.